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9 Lessons Learned:

A Guide on Different Traits of a Great Manager

Becoming a manager is a great achievement many people especially those that are career-oriented. You also need to remember that it comes with a lot of responsibility need to be able to be the best. This is because how you manage your department will determine a lot how easy it is to succeed in every project. Being able to display leadership especially because you have employees that are looking up to you, is also imperative and important. You need to avoid being a part of the 16% of managers who make the workplace unbearable by being exotic especially to the employees. Therefore, you have to learn on how you can be the best manager and there is a lot you can learn from. For example, you can always look at the key performance indicators for managers. Discussed more below are some of the major traits for a good manager.

One thing that is true is that you need to show empathy. Very many people overlook this trait whereas it is one of the most important trait for any manager to have. For example, when you look at the key performance indicators for managers, they overlook what the employees feel and that is very wrong. Sometimes it is possible to overwork you employees without knowing what actually is going on with them and that is poor management. You find that your employees are going through a lot even within the workplace and without being sympathetic with them our understanding, might actually lose them completely. Therefore, there is the need to showcase empathy and that is why you need to look at the key performance indicators for managers and know what you can do better. The other important thing is to express patience at your workplace. Sometimes things don’t go the way you expect and if you are not shared enough, you might turn out.

You also need to learn to be positive and this is something you can learn from the key performance indicators for managers. Being positive is all about understanding that no moment will last forever and therefore challenges will come and good moment will come and you can impress them all being positive. You need to show leadership by giving directions but you also need to communicate very well. You also need to be solution-oriented and avoid making rash decisions when you are and emotions.